29 Dec 2014

The Comeback Season 2 finale gives Valerie and the audience a perfect ending

I accept this remote on behalf of the two most important men in my life The Comeback has never been an easy show to watch and perhaps the second hand embarrassment the audience suffers with every episode
28 Dec 2014

Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 8 Boardwalk Empire

A shortened final season, with a time jump and loss of several key characters hardly signals a great send off to a show but despite this Boardwalk Empire ended up triumphing and impressing with is final episodes.
28 Dec 2014

Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 9 Game of Thrones

My enjoyment of Game of Thrones really comes down to three things – the wonderful oddball pairings whether its Arya/The Hound, Brienne/Pod, etc, the sheer quality of the acting (nearly everyone cast on the show is a
27 Dec 2014

Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 10 Orange Is The New Black

I really didn’t plan to once again watch a season of Orange Is The New Black in one weekend, this time round I was determined to watch it over a week or so, enjoy every episode knowing
27 Dec 2014

Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 11 The Good Wife

The Good Wife refuses to slow down, it refuses to take the easy path and fall into a procedural law show. Everytime it shakes things up it could easily sit back and allow itself to be comfortable