22 Aug 2014

Rectify Season 2 Finale ‘Unhinged’ – “I don’t want to go out there”

As Todd VanDerWerff recently wrote over at Vox, Rectify is the best show no one is watching and although that kind of statement is often used when discussing small and unappreciated shows unfortunately in Rectify’s case it really is true, apparently
30 Jun 2014

The Leftovers Pilot Review – Bleak yet beautiful

All the people who stayed, pretending that it never happened. They’re asleep but they need to wake up now. The Leftovers won’t be a show for everyone but it deals with grief in a beautiful way. I liked
20 Jun 2014

Rectify Review 02×01”Running With The Bull’

One of the best shows of last year is back with its second season and I couldn’t be happier – well once I managed to stop crying that is. Rectify has no problem with dealing with faith,
7 Jun 2014

Orange Is The New Black – Some thoughts on S2 first 4 episodes

I don’t intend to binge watch the second season of Orange Is The New Black yet it is so hard not too because it pulls you in and before you know it 4 episodes have happened and
24 Mar 2014

The Good Wife’s Dramatics, Your Honor proves shocking twists can still happen

When was the last time you have truly been shocked by a TV show? Whilst the final episodes of Breaking Bad had some shocking moments because the show was coming to an end those kind of twists