30 Jun 2014

The Leftovers Pilot Review – Bleak yet beautiful

All the people who stayed, pretending that it never happened. They’re asleep but they need to wake up now. The Leftovers won’t be a show for everyone but it deals with grief in a beautiful way. I liked
20 Jun 2014

Rectify Review 02×01”Running With The Bull’

One of the best shows of last year is back with its second season and I couldn’t be happier – well once I managed to stop crying that is. Rectify has no problem with dealing with faith,
7 Jun 2014

Orange Is The New Black – Some thoughts on S2 first 4 episodes

I don’t intend to binge watch the second season of Orange Is The New Black yet it is so hard not too because it pulls you in and before you know it 4 episodes have happened and
24 Mar 2014

The Good Wife’s Dramatics, Your Honor proves shocking twists can still happen

When was the last time you have truly been shocked by a TV show? Whilst the final episodes of Breaking Bad had some shocking moments because the show was coming to an end those kind of twists
10 Mar 2014

True Detective: Form and Void Review: Breaking the flat circle

In the end it seems the darkest shows conclude with a hint of optimism. It is something I have noticed in other series I have loved over the years – characters were sent to hell and back